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Date: 22 Feb 2015 23:34:39
Title: Anguilla

18:12:0N 063:05:6W

14th February 2015 - Valentine's Day
Road Bay, Anguilla

After waiting at the Capitainerie an hour for our laundry we finally set sail for Anguilla at 0930. A very pleasant sail 10 -18  knots mostly down wind. We arrived at about 1630. Too late for customs formalities.

Anguilla is a British dependency, the Brits tried to give it to St Bart's and Nevis, but the locals rebelled, barricading the police station and airport. They even sent a band to invade St. Barth's but were repelled. Eventually the Brits sent troops to squash Mafia that they feared had taken over the place. When they landed all the found were friendly locals their children and dogs. This all happened in 1969.

Next to us, a boat full of nudists who were happy to stand on their stern, chatting with it all hanging out. It is amazing how difficult it is to ignore people when they are right next to you. Average age sixty and over weight, so not a pretty sight! Next morning at Immigration we were greeted by a couple, "Hello, you must be from the beautiful British Boat, we are you neighbours." Both Denis and I looked them up and down, trying to fit this tall slim couple with what we bad seen next to us. I thought they look much better dressed, when it dawned on me that they must be on the boat on the other side of us from all the bare skin.

National Park
According to the pilot, there isn't much to see inland here, just a few salt water ponds and beautiful bays. We decided to visit East Prickly Pear Cay. This is a National Park, so a permit is required to visit. Permit bought, we depart next morning. It is stunning, great snorkeling too. However, a Swedish dating programme is there filming a couple who met on tele. WD tender must be in lots of their film as they were constantly filming by it.

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