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Date: 06 Feb 2015 01:51:41
Title: Rodney Bay, St Lucia

14:04:4N 060:57:0W

Rodney Bay, St Lucia

Harbour Master's Fees
We left at 0800. I felt slightly guilty as we raised the anchor. Yesterday we were supposed to pay the Harbour Master for the anchorage, but he wasn't in his office, we did try twice and he didn't come visiting. So we left a really beautiful anchorage and spent a couple of hours motoring against the wind, north up the coast to Rodney Bay Marina. We arrived at midmorning.

Rodney Bay Marina
A gorgeous setting and well maintained...apart from the three showers Denis tried! An on site chandlery, fruit and veg stalls, shops, bars and restaurants. All open and looking for business. We booked in and headed into town to see a little of the area. We found a great Italian restaurant Key Largo, they even cooked the pizza in wood fired ovens. The beach looked beautiful and the Rodney Bay anchorage was lovely, azure sea and amazing back drop. Here we found the St Lucia Yacht Club, welcoming other yachties as visitors. We sat and drank a cold Piton over looking the beach below. I was moved to by one of their t.shirts.....not something many others will have.

The majority of the beach area seemed to cater for the various hotels lining the sea front, with rasta stalls selling their wares and numerous malls with duty free shops, KFC, Waitrose, Dominoes Pizza...all very English.

I bought a Breeze Booster tax free as our Wind Scoop has been repaired so many times now its looking like a gaffa tape patchwork quilt. Unfortunately, by the time we had tried it and found it too small for the forehatch, the shop had shut for the rest of the weekend. Luckily, it does fit well on the centre hatch.

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