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Date: 06 Feb 2015 01:50:59
Title: St Lucia

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Marigot Bay, St Lucia
Friday 30th January 2015

Are they Japanese Tourists?
I am starting to feel like the whistle stop tour and snap happy tourists we all joke about.....but what can you do? Here we are in picture perfect paradise with so much to do and see, no way are we going to miss the sights. I guess we are those tourists!

After clearing in and searching out a reasonably priced place to eat this evening. We haggled a taxi driver down to a poor yachty's budget price and set for Canaries (pronounced Can Are Riss), Souffriere and the volcanic sulphur springs by Petit and Grow Piton. Discovered the local brew is called Piton and had to sample one...well it wasn't evening yet. We timed our arrival at the local fishing village to see the small boats come in.

Fish on Friday
The whole of the fishing village Anse La Raye has a big party every Friday night and all streets play load music and cook fish in a different way, whilst consuming rum and piton in equal quantities. We saw them setting up for this and the local Rastas were most amused to see us two taking pictures of the setup.

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