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Date: 26 Jan 2015 00:23:00
Title: Union Island

David Whitaker takes another yacht
David is on holiday out here for two weeks with friends on a Sunsail yacht, Pole-pole and we are hoping to meet up. I have spoken with him many times now and he seems a grand fellow. But nothing is better than meeting face to face to get to know someone. Obviously, we are both incredibly nice chaps but as he is sailing the Pacific with me, he wants to meet me first. He phoned this morning at 0730 to try and get our schedules to overlap.

The Big Walk
After languishing on the decks of Wandering Dream and having little exercise, the crew decided to walk to Ashton. After a brief foray into Clifton town, which had Steve and Denis buying some frozen beef from the Kash and Karry, Steve befriending the fruit and veg lady to get a good price and then driving the price of a t shirt so low the lady stall holder wanted to know why he was being like this? She agreed on the price after being told they were sailing around the world and had to make their money last. Then the road to Ashton was taken. A smart beach bar had been promised by the Italian hotel owner Anchorage Yacht Club, but none was found. A hot but peaceful walk was had, with gospel music echoing around the coral bays...it was Sunday and the congregation were singing with great gusto. A small bar was settled on, but the crew were astounded to find the only beer available was Heineken, all the way from Jen's home town, Amsterdam. It was a dollar more than the local brew Hairoun, St.Vincent's prize winning lager. The island of pure water and beer....so the advent says. A fisherman walked the road with the crew telling us all about his life and family, who own land here and make a good living buying and selling it. He was lucky they had given him some land to build his house upon. He was making a good living catching big fish, barracuda and mahi mahi, which he sold to the yachts and local restaurants. In fact he has a cousin somewhere in England he was going to visit.

It is astounding how friendly everyone is and happy to tell you life story. A totally refreshing way of life. Even the waitress last night hardly left our table, she just wanted to talk. Bit strange as they had a singer performing at the time.

Five Masted Man O War
A large tall ship, with all sails rigged slowly negotiated the island and followed us around the coast.. Was this a time slip? She could have come straight out of the 18th Century. Sadly binoculars were left on WD so we have no idea of her name.

Sustenance Needed
On the way back we called in at Jennifer's. A restaurant/bar on the out skirts of Clifton. Each time we had gone passed she shouted to us to come back for dinner. Well here we were for lunch. No we didn't want a full meal, too big and too expensive. Well, I could do you a sandwich that would fill you up and won't cost much she told us. Egg or tuna? When they arrived she was right, a quadruple decker was enjoyed, with another beer.

Coral Reef Snorkel
Denis añd Steve braved the warm waters to snorkel the local reef. It was teeming with fish of all shapes and colours. None very big, but the best so far on the trip.

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