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Date: 25 Jan 2015 00:23:00
Title: Clifton, Union Island

12:35:7N 061:24:6W

Saturday 24th January 2015

Gus Ill!
Having arranged with Gus to look again at the outboard as there appeared to be a blocked main jet, we sat and waited by the Slipway Restaurant. By 0920 no Gus, a nice American lady came out of the restaurant to tell us that Gus had called and he was I'll and wouldn't be there today. We tried the boat yard again, but no one could help. So we decided to clear out at the Customs and Immigration in Tyrell Bay, paying EC$20 for the privilege and move on to Clifton, Union Island, part of St Vincent. 

Up Anchor
About 1015 we had raised the anchor and were on our way, we raised sails as soon as we were clear of the other yachts. The wind was blowing well on the beam and we flew along at 6-7 knots. At one point it rained so heavily we couldn't see the approaching catamaran, so we bore away to make sure we passed well clear.

Moorings on Offer
Arriving in Clifton with 25+knots of wind we were offered a mooring by Tiger a happy entrepreneurial water taxi driver, which we gratefully accepted having been told of two yachts that dragged their anchors in the bay that day. EC$ 100 for two nights. Beautiful clear aquamarine waters allowed us to see the coral and the deep water. We cleared in at the adjacent airport, two customs men to see independently of each other and immigration They wanted over EC$100 in customs and EC$35 at immigration. We paid them for a cruising licence and for checking in WD. We had a walk about in Clifton to check where we get something to eat that night. We walked right out of town and found Ocean View bar, the owner wanted us to come to his Boardy. He had killed a goat and they would cook it, we could eat free, all we had to do was buy drinks...all his friends were coming. He chatted about his four sons the eldest of which was 21, but the 18 year old had already started a family, even though he was still at school. We met his youngest, Theo who was about nine and was banging away on a drum. We decided that maybe it was a little far in the dark to go in the evening and settled on a place nearer to the harbour that sells lobster roti...I had to try that!

Wrong Connection
We made our way back to WD where I moved the wiring to the other end of the shunt.....(a gadget that tells you how much power you are using or making), the wind generator was not showing, it is now.

I checked the mooring lines we were using and found that we were chained to a two metre diameter coral head. I made my way back to WD weaving between the nine kite surfers, wind surfers and more alarmingly water taxis running many people out to Happy Bar on the reef. I heard an engine and quickly surfaced they were quite a distance away but hadn't seen me in the water until then. I was worried, but they then took evasive action, so passed safely by.

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