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Date: 24 Jan 2015 01:52:21
Title: Carriacou

12:27:4N 061:29:2W.

Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou, Grenada

The trouble with boats...there's always something needs fixing!
So today it was the wind display. We could get the wind data on the Raymarine chart plotter, but the Simrad display was either intermittent or non existent. This began during the last day before arriving in Grenada, there was condensation in the display...never great for an electronic display. We played with wiring and occasionally it worked, I rewired it and still it didn't work. We took the display apart and corrosion was apparent, one tiny component appeared to be missing. Eventually, we gave up and hit upon the idea of substituting the display from the one at the chart table....success! We now know the wind angle and strength again.

Then it was the dinghy. No probs inflating, but the outboard had not been used since I set off in July and it would not start! We both admitted defeat and rowed ashore to ask who could help. We discovered Customs and Immigration, but no one to help fix the engine. Several beach bars later we found Gus who was ready and able to sort our outboard issues. Four times he took the carburetor apart before it worked. Then he fitted a fuel filter. We agreed on a swap for his time, I returned with the old wind generator and manual. But the outboard would only run on low power. Gus had another look and after a brief journey around the bay he agreed the large pilot jet was blocked and said he would look tomorrow at 0900.

Great swordfish and roast potatoes in local beach bar this evening.

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