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Date: 18 Jan 2015 00:31:19
Title: Last few preparations

Last chance for doubles, I felt I owed it to Bruce to try one 'wit everyting!' Delicious!

Fees fees and more fees! Went down to Immigration and customs. It turns out each of my crew should have gone with me to clear out. We had pay for each departed crew member. At customs we had to pay harbour masters fees, customs fee and something else we weren't sure of. One and a half hours later we were on our way back to Power Boats.

Canadian Paul Beacon saves the day! Well at least he took us to the gas station with our jerry cans. 100 litres of diesel fifteen pounds, that's all we used from Tenerife to Chaguaramas, Trinidad....I love sail boats! Robert was telling us his 50' motor boat does one mile a gallon, ouch!

We have officially cleared out and therefore entitled to duty free liquor. We understand that prices get progressively more expensive the further up the Caribbean chain we go. So just in case....

We paid Superb Sails this evening. We needed our Bimini and dodgers modified to fit the new arch and fair leads. He took two days and came for a final fitting. Thank you Gary.

One or two small things still to do, like putting sails back on and tying the dinghy down, then we are ready for a night sail. Slightly worried as there are reports of fast pirogues/speed boats holding yachts up between Trinidad and Grenada. Hence, we will be AIS in stealth mode. No announcement on VHF net of our leaving and a prayer for safe passage.

We have loved Trinidad. A special thank you to both Bruce and Jane's families and friends who have been so kind and generous to allow to share with so much over Christmas and New Year. I hope we have new friends who we'll never forget!

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