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Date: 15 Jan 2015 23:38:00
Title: Welding on Wandering Dream

Mervyn and his team eventually turn up. I had visited them at 0930, at 1140 they arrived, lifted the arch onto the stern of WD and disappeared saying they needed to get help.

Dan turned up just as it started to rain. As the deluge got heavier he retreated under a near by yacht. I was thankful as he was plugged to mains.

At 1430 Mervyn turned up and began welding. It even rained and they continued. They had borrowed a tig welder and had been waiting for this before they could weld. Unfortunately, one of the push pit legs has a cracked weld that needs repairing to make the arch more stable. It also requires some lateral bracing to the cockpit combing.

1730 Dan showed up to deliver the as rubbing strakes he had made. I was emailing Robert to let him know Fabio the diesel gen technician had not turned up. I also got an email from Scott saying he couldn't do the Atlantic crossing with me. He was very apologetic and went into some detail about what he had to do in the yard during the winter. I can see the problem, disappointing though it is for us both. I did ask whether there were other legs he maybe interested in, specifically Cairns to Darwin.

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