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Date: 11 Jan 2015 21:49:22
Title: Planning ahead

Sunday 11th January

Only slight back ache this morning, hopefully it is clearing up. We put a wash on first thing $15 TT to wash and the same to tumble. Best facilities yet.

Jobs done today:
- fixed wobbly heads step
- de-rusted bolt cutters, greased and wrapped in oil cloth, bubble wrap and rubble sack (you see Stuart, they were useful!).
- re-stuck galley sink surround Formica, then epoxy filled joint between that and worktop.
- marked up new cockpit locker padlocks and keys with a file and notches. Bill had informed me on a ship all starboard lockers are numbered odd from fore to aft and vice versa to port. So I've stuck with convention.

Denis and I spent the evening yesterday working up a detailed schedule for the Caribbean passage to Panama. He is putting the info into a spreadsheet so that we can easily refer to it and share with others, especially David and Ken who hopefully will join us prior to or in the Dominican Republic. Robert has also asked to join us from Panama to Galapagos - he says he is already working on his bucket list!

Did you know Puerto Rico is American? We didn't and it turns out you must have a visa for each of the crew. The pilot book says if you haven't got one before you set off from your country forget it! Is it really that difficult? Some research is needed, I'm not going home just for that!

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