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Date: 11 Jan 2015 21:44:39

Wandering Dream, Power Boats marina, Chaguaramas, Trinidad.

We are currently out of the water, awaiting the fitting of a stainless steel arch to take a 250watt solar panel and new D400 wind generator.

Awoke with back again today. I have a feeling that I may have caused this when trying to pull the life raft up through the companion way steps. Finished the anti-fouling , we used Hempel Globic 9000. Which Hempel confirmed was self polishing and compatible with Cruising Performer.

Dan an American guy living on and doing up a wooden boat he had helped sail down from Cuba, came at about 1100. He has agreed for $125 US plus materials to repair the toe rail. It had been badly damaged by the up and down surging motion while WD was left on her own. The mooring warps were left too tight by the yachts that untied us to share the berth and had pulled up yanking the fairlead and toe rail off the edge of the hull.

Robert Tang Yuk came at 1100, he said he had emailed to offer a different solar panel for free! It seems he had emailed the Mailasail address and I hadn't seen it. I gratefully accepted -same spec. We talked about the voyage to Galapagos and about the diesel generator, which he wants to do with us and fix. He took us to the Mall where Denis left his St Christopher to fix and I got a stronger chain. We then went for lunch with Marissa his wife, at Apsara an Indian Restaurant in Port of Spain. Marissa chose for us, we had rogan Josh, Dahl, Bombay aloo, tandori chicken, grilled mancheeno cheese and naan bread...delicious!

Robert then took us to see his 50 foot motor launch. Very impressive - It was very apartment like inside, even had a laundry. The engine room was walk in, ac throughout, huge bedrooms. Not at all like Wandering Dream. But great for fishing trips.

Once back on WD Dan came back with a new toe rail from Burmese teak and  repaired stern toe rail. He promised to return tomorrow to fit them.

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