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Date: 29 Dec 2014 02:12:00
Title: 29th December

29th December

So,we are all now in Tobago, luxuriating in Mon Reve, (my dream) a splendid and spacious home, 
with wonderful grounds overlooking the palm treed golf course, and with a lovely pool, which belongs to Jane's side of the family. The torrential rains continue, and with high humidity, we spend our time feeling moist to various degrees,  from slightly damp to completely sodden! However, with temperatures such that wearing anything more than shorts and vest tops would be ridiculous it's  really not a hardship and no one is complaining!

Before leaving Trinidad, we enjoyed a tour of Port of Spain, highlights being the sugar cones a
nd massive bone -in chicken rotis,
 (not forgetting all the places of particular interest if course!)

Today we climbed Argyle waterfall, which was gushing brown water from all the rain. The Litson family had a swim at the top before slip sliding our way down so the collected boys could do terrifying dare devil rock jumps.

Bruce's Trinidadian family have followed us to Tobago, so we been able to enjoy more if their company, and tonight we are visiting the Bates family for supper.

Readers of my summer blog will be relieved to hear that the toilet situation has been entirely unnoteworthy the entire holiday so far, and I have only had to step foot on "her wandering dream lady ship" once, to drop off Wilson, amongst other things. Steve was not as enthusiastic about this brilliantly conceived gift as I had anticipated; In my mind he would be delighted to always have a friend, but he interpreted the gift more as an omen that he may get ship wrecked....whoops!

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