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Date: 07 Jul 2014 20:53:53
Title: Studland

50:38.80N 01:55.50W

I never imagined what a heart wrench it is go leave your family for two years,  perhaps if I had I wouldn't have gone. Too late now!

Jason Bowen and I left with a crowd of family and friends waving us off. The sun was shining and everyone was ferried out to the river pontoon to have a look aboard Wandering Dream. Little did I realise this was a opportunity for some emotional notes to be hidden away.
We set off and even had Simon and Jill Ridgeon up Spinnaker tower waving and texting. Rounding the Isle of Wight was a real bouncy ride. Steep choppy waves some rolling right up the deck. That and westerly winds made going to windward difficult. Off St Catherines Point we decided it would take forever to sail to Plymouth. So change of plans and engine on at 0045 on Monday morning.  We stopped in Studland at 0500 for a two hour sleep and then on to Weymouth. We moored at Custom House Quay where we have a dutch boat to starboard and a German to port.
Out for a celebratory pint and some food. We let the third crew member Steve Kershaw know where we are he will come on board at 1200 tomorrow. 

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