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Date: 27 Jun 2018 08:36:24
Title: We've got here

64:01.6N 22:46.9W
And it did get rougher, 40kts as we arrived at the Vestmann Islands.  Colin stepped forward as a willing volunteer to moor us alongside in 40 knot gusts as Vestamen harbour offers vey little protection.  It was mildly emotional getting alongside and the scene unfolded into a classic Scandi-drama as a Volvo Police car quickly drew up to the quayside.  Just as we were debating whether or not to come clean about the two rifles on board, two gorgeous young Police officers stepped out of the car - happy days!!  "I've never been on a yacht." Said the lovely blonde....the rest will only be known to the crew.
Vestamen looks a little like a Lord of the Rings set with incredible lava flows extending the island by  more than 2 square km since the eruption in 1973; absolutely breathtaking.  It also houses some of the North Atlantic's worst architecture.
Whale steak - tick
Local beer - tick
£7 for a loaf of bread - tick
Walk to top of volcano - tick
Off to Reykyavik...
As we set off there were some worried looks around the boat.  Something wasn't right, but we couldn't work out what it was.  Then it dawned on us - we were on a starboard tack?!  Having spent a week on a port tack it just felt weird, it meant that we could actually cook with less bruises.  It didn't last long.  We went past the world's newest island, Surtsey, and then back onto a port tack.  Phew.
25 miles SE of Reykyavik and Jim spotted a huge pod of Orca.  A family of around 20.  a picture of serenity and grace in the stillness of the cool waters as the sun began to warm the decks and our souls.  But we couldn't help wonder if we hadn't eaten one of their relatives the night before....?
This is me ducking a wave!

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