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Date: 08 Jun 2018 16:42:44
Title: Our Plan

56:10.95N   5:31.80W  

We will sail from Ardfern in Scotland to Iceland making landfall at the Vesterman Isles and then head into the NW fjord region.  After a crew change  ( some folk still have jobs! ) we will sail for Tasiilaq also known as Angmasslik in East Greenland and then ice permitting head north to Scoresby Sound.  We have identified an area where we want to climb on this leg.  After a quick look at Scoresby we will climb on Liverpool Land before heading north again into Kong Oscar Fjord, where we hope to climb.  We will then sail to Husavik in NE Iceland for another crew change and head back to Scotland via the Faroes.

There will be 6 on board for the expedition; a mix of sailors and / or mountaineers.  


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