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Date: 22 Aug 2018 11:47:31
Title: Handover

66:11.8N 17:20.6W
We have just left Husavik and are making our way to the Faroes.  We have handed over teams.  Olly, Giles, Ash and Rod have now flown home leaving Ian and I on board.  We are joined by Alastair and Angie who were also in Svalbard with us and Charles from Lorton who is a long term member of the RCC.  Husavik is renowned as a whale watching centre and the harbour is full of vessels set up for viewings.  We took advantage of this and all went out for a look ourselves.  We were smart enough to look at the AIS's of the whale watching ships and then headed that way and voila there were humpback whales.  We were then witness to a very impressive display as you can see from Ian's photos.

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