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Date: 19 Aug 2018 17:59:30
Title: Back to Iceland

66:03N 17:21W
The time came when we had to set off home, some folk have jobs to go to and some of us ( in fact all of us ) have families that we are looking forward to seeing.
It feels like we've had a successful trip.  It was, may be a bit too ambitious a plan but we have pretty well covered it.  We have sailed 1500nm in Greenland in mainly uncharted waters and those that were charted were not terribly accurate.  We have pushed into the rarely sailed Kong Oscar Fjord.  We have produced copious notes for the RCCPF Pilot. On the mountains we have made 16 "presumed" first ascents.  I use the word presumed as we found no evidence of any previous visitation on any of them.  They varied in style of ascent and grade but all were of good quality and some were outstanding routes.  I wanted everyone to bag a first and we all did.  Ash in his first experience of alpine mountaineering bagged 9, most mountaineers don't manage one in their entire career.  How will he follow that?  Giles also made a ski descent of 40 degree gully and of course there was the arduous Renland traverse.
We also agreed that we would clear up plastic on any of the beaches that we landed on.  We indeed did this but only managed to collect 3 pieces, this was heartening.  The current here comes from Siberia so I guess it is a little away from the main populace.  Less pleasing though were some of the Inuit settlements who clearly have major issues managing their waste.
Another hope was a bear sighting which delivered.  On the personal side the medical kit has not even been opened with the nearest to an incident being when Rod's finger swelled up after a mosquito bite.  Trouble was it was the finger with his wedding ring on and despite all attempts and Rod even explaining that's how we used to do it in A & E we resorted to cutting through with a pair of Bahco sidecuts.  The ring not his finger!   Lastly but probably most importantly we are still talking to each other!
So it was with regret that we set off, but the spinnaker was soon up and we were on our way, that is until we broached.  Broaching per say is not really an issue but it is if you are Ash down below making bread!  We had a good breeze for the whole crossing up to 30kts with some confusing seas and to prove that we hadn't just been mountaineers and could still sail we added to our tally by making over 200nm days for the complete passage.  350nm in 40 hours.  I won't mention who got the speed record but it was 12kts.
We are now moored in Husavik, Umiak is all clean and tidy and Ash, Olly Rod and Giles are packing to head home.  They have been absolutes stars.

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