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Date: 16 Aug 2018 21:28:42
Title: Second last day!

70:58.5N 21:59.9W

Our second last day in Greenland, and we made the most of it. Giles and Rod left at eight on a ski-touring/summit attempt in dubious weather. It turned out to be a mixed bag, with a fair bit of skiing, including the odd somewhat technical passages with ski-crampons on steeper slopes, scrambling over stones and boulders (we’re now all expert at that), to finally summit at 1126 metres, ion bright sunshine with spectacular views over to the Stauning Alps, and down to a tiny Umiak anchored in the fjord. A true alpine top, vertiginous to the extent that neither party wished to spend too long standing on it. A scramble,  then a fabulous ski down almost to the boat in a warm evening sun. Back to the boat at six or so for beers. In the meantime, Olly and Ash had set off a bit later but nonetheless arrived back in time for afternoon tea. Their ascent was also a mixed  bag, including scrambling and cramponning, with the obligatory scramble rock and boulder slopes. The highest of those peaks was 841 metres, which was reached by 1115 am, bringing the team’s tally of first ascents to 15. The scree and boulder terrain is very hard going, it should be added, and any ascent that includes a lot of it should be doubled in height, in our view. You get everything from gravel, to small boulders, to big boulders (occasionally transit van size boulders). Picking your way through this is slow and tedious: you need sticks, and you have to watch where you put them every time, as well as where you put your feet, as anything you put them on is liable to be unstable and slide down, taking your feet with it. You can’t relax for a second, especially going down.





Look S f Mariager 1126m Summit
Rod setting off to Mariager 1126m summit
All smiles
What a place..!


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