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Date: 11 Aug 2018 07:40:20
Title: Change of plan

72:15.6N 23:55.0W
After leaving our bbq anchorage we intended to head around the corner into another fjord to go climbing as we understood from the ice charts that North of us was all blocked.  We thought we would have a little look though and the ice had cleared significantly from the chart.  So we kept going just like Forest Gump.  A new download of the ice chart came through and we saw that the mouth of Kong Oscar Fjord was now open so we carried on.  Eventually making Antarctics Havn, fitting for Rod & I.  The weather was a mix of bright sun and localised fog but all very atmospheric.  The scenery is more rolling than than the south but still very impressive.
We noticed that there was a cargo ship at anchor further up the fjord and yesterday we had a sail under spinnaker to Nyhavn where it was discharging stores ashore to what looked like an old mine site.  We went ashore and there were a few members of the Sirius patrol on the beach.  The Sirius Patrol is a descendant the WW2 Sledge Patrol who ran weather obs on the East coast during the war and checked for invading Germans.  If you haven't read the book "Sledge Patrol" by David Howarth you are missing a treat, it is an extraordinary tale.  They use the old mine site for organising there winter stores and put depots in during the summer for their winter sledge journeys.  They were able to give us the latest on ice in the fjord system and also sell us a bit more fuel.
It looks good so today we will push on into the fjord system.

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