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Date: 09 Aug 2018 20:01:43
Title: Yesterday!

72:01.3N 22:59.1W

We’ve had a break in the weather this morning and took the executive decision to push farther north: more of that soon.

Yesterday was wall to wall blue sky -definitely an activity day. Mike drew the straw for boat duty. Rod, Nigel and Ian opted for a ski up the valley leading up from our anchorage to a distant col, while Olly and Ash were to take on an impressive-looking summit across the fjord.

The summit party got dropped off first, a round trip of a few k, that was mainly notable for the swell in the fjord that made the drop-off a bit more exciting for both Mike and the summit party than was strictly desirable. They took the ‘direttissimo’ route, up a boulder field, into a gully, up onto  a ridge, bagging a lower then a higher summit, at 680 metres. These few simple lines summarise an impressive first ascent, and there was no unforeseen hitch on this occasion: they got down at 4pm, ahead of expectation. The swell made pick-up as interesting as the drop off, by all accounts.

The col party had the easier task, and was dropped off second. It was a pretty straightforward ski-stroll up the valley, keeping to the shaded side for easier snow. Right at the end, though, the slope wound up, to the extent that it all got a bit zig-zag-kick-turn till the top (which turned out to be the back of a cornice, btw). The ski down was terrific, and seemed to take a matter of seconds. Ian did bear duty, while Giles revisited yesterday’s gully, with crampons and a light load, skiing out just in time to meet Rod, who enjoyed the col so much the first time, he just did it again.

The day was rounded off in fine style. Mike defrosted some Belted Galloway steaks and made some salads. We ferried the lot onto the shore with a couple of beers and had a barbie in the last of the sunshine. The steaks were top class. Just the same, the temperature plummeted and the trip back to the boat was brisk. A quiet evening, requiring some collective effort to stay awake beyond 7.30!


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