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Date: 08 Aug 2018 15:01:29
Title: Day off

71:15N 21:47W
After a great mountaineering day yesterday I needed a day off.  That was a truly great route; a gully of 1800ft with a bit of ice at the top to keep us concentrating and then fantastic granite to both summits.
We take it in turns to look after the boat whilst teams are ashore and catch up on chores such as cleaning, repairing, bread making and running the dinghy to drop off and collect the shore parties. We usually leave two on board so that they could move the boat if we had a problem with ice.  We also leave a barrel on shore with camping and survival gear in case we can't pick up the shore parties.  Today though we have nice weather and a decent anchorage so everyone else has gone ashore.
Olly and Ash have just radioed in to say that they have climbed a peak on the island opposite ( that is number 9 in first ascent list ) after I dropped them off this morning.  It was an interesting ferry as the sea had frozen overnight although it soon breaks with the dinghy and then there was a bit of surf onto the rocky landing.  Ian, Rod and Giles meanwhile have skinned up to a col on this side and then skied down.  I think Giles is keen to have a go at skiing some of the gully we climbed yesterday, but I can't see them from the anchorage.
Looking at the ice charts I don't believe that we will be able to get into Kong Oscar Fjord, which is to the North of us and was one of my hopeful objectives.  Plenty to climb here though.
The ice pitch yesterday
Olly & Ash's days work!
The col behind us

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