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Date: 08 Aug 2018 09:06:00
Title: Giles's gulley

71:15.N 21:47.W
Hi folks,
We motored here yesterday in not much wind and lots of cloud, a perfect day for sitting in the pilot house reading a book.  We originally planned to stop the night at Neild Bugt (bay) which is slightly North of where we are, but after picking our way through ice for an hour or two, we found the anchorage to be full of ice. As it happens, fate was on our side as we now sit in a lovely protected bay on the western side of Trekonten Island.
Today it was Giles, Mike and I (Ash) who had the task of bagging a peak or two. Yesterday, Mike dropped into conversation that he had not used his cramp-ons or ice axe yet this trip, so it wasn't long until he was using both to climb a 550m snow gulley up to a saddle in one of the hundreds of mountains that surround us here. The snow was in good condition, so we made good time hacking our way up the steep slope. As the gradient increased towards the top, we roped up and I was taught some ice climbing basics (not a moment too soon) to wind our way to the top of the gulley.  From the saddle we had perfect bouldering conditions to the summit and drank in the views which could have stretched 50, 60, or up to a 100 miles, we can't be sure. 
One peak done, and Mike was off like a robbers dog, another peak in his sights, and it wasn't long before we reached the second unclimbed summit of the day. 
On our return to the boat, it was celebratory beers and freshly made chocolate cake in the sunny cockpit, whilst plans were made for the next ascents.
Thats all for now..
Mike and Ash in Gile's gulley..
Route to the top
Another peak bagged
View to the boat

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