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Date: 05 Aug 2018 15:55:39
Title: Greenland

70:42.1N 21:42.3W
It's the 4th August and after a fairly bumpy ride from Scoresby Sund to Kolding Fjord, (ably assisted and motivated by a variety of loud music rocking along), on the 2nd and a day of frustrating in and out fog yesterday Rod and I have had a day on the hill.
We opted to snow shoe up into a cirque on the north side of the Fjord which gave pretty good snow up to about 290 m above sea level. The last part was pretty steep and facing the sun so by 10 am the snow was getting a bit soft. A few kicked steps, (still wearing snow shoes), were required to get up the last bit onto a rock ridge. We had traversed around the cirque and limbed out towards the back to follow the line of least resistance but this brought us out a little high so we descended into a basin containing a couple of frozen lakes and looked across the range to pick out a route to the high point of the ridge in front of us. Leaving some of our now no longer needed kit in a cache, we trudged across the now ubiquitous blocky terrain to reach a final short snow slope to the summit and the view over the ridge into the next fjord, which is more ice filled than the one we are currently in.
The return was pretty uneventful, if hot, and we both agreed that skiing down into the lower cirque would have been much more fun than snow shoeing it but hey ho! All in all a great day out and even some pretty well defined periglacial patterned ground for a once upon a time geographer to get excited about.

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