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Date: 02 Aug 2018 15:50:15
Title: Eat More Duck

70:29.0N 21:57.8W
The wind came up last and coupled with the fact that Giles wanted some eggs to fuel his vastly expanding baking ambitions we decided to anchor back at Ittoqqortoormitt.  sadly thgey had no eggs in the store or much else either, I guess they are waiting for the supply ship.
Andrew Wilkes who I raced the AZAB against in 99 and 03 and is the editor of the excellent RCCPF  Arctic Pilot has sent us an email with some help on how to pronounce Ittoqqortoomiit., followingmy earlier comment.   Apparently you pronounce it "Eat Cut Door Duck Meat"!  Clearly this is way beyond the capability of this crew and we have abbreviated it to "Eat More Duck" which is way easier. and i line with our belief that tinned Confit du Canard from France is the favourite tinned food on board.
We are now off to Liverpool Land hoping that the weather will brighten up later.

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