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Date: 01 Aug 2018 20:45:02
Title: Nanuq

70:26.2N 23:22.1W
We dropped Giles, Olly & Rod off and headed around the headland to Skillebugt where we found an anchorage on the side in the moraine.  Our expectation of a decent sleep was short lived when a massive berg turned up with a metronomic wobble that suggested it may fall our way.  After some use of the bow thrusters and bamboo poles we parted company. 
The following day we waited for our team to come off the glacier but as you will have read it was more of project than first impressions suggested.  We had a few Iridium texts during the day detailing their progress but we were delighted when we eventually got them back on board.
Yesterday we headed to Danmark Island where we hoped we may see some wildlife but decided to anchor nearby at Myddebugt.  This was a bay where we at last found good holding although I would have preferred it if it wasn't the keel that discovered it first.  A bit of full astern soon sorted it.  In our defence we were in the process of finding a spot to anchor in thick fog using the radar to navigate us in to the bay.
Just as we were getting ready to set off this morning we spied a polar bear swimming out to us to check us out, who we then watched for an hour.  The weather has not been our friend over the last few days with torrential rain, which I guess will make you Cumbrian's rather jealous.
We are now heading to Liverpool Land hoping for some more climbing,

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