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Date: 29 Jul 2018 10:27:00
Title: Leicester Bugt

71:57.N 27:56.6W
From Illoqqortoormiut ( which we still can't pronounce ) we headed into the most remote part of Scoresby Sund, the world's largest fjord.  It was a change of scenery for us with a sandy coast line to starboard, although still big mountains to port, about 30nm away.  We eventually got into the Nordvest Fjord and weaved our way though ice bergs and steep mountains either side of the mile wide channel.  We had hoped that we would find a mountaineering project at the head of the fjord in the area marked "unexplored" on the map but it didn't really excite. This area of the fjord is pretty remote almost 200nm from the entrance of Scoresby Sund. Lt Ryder tried to explore this area in 1895 but turned back for fear of being overwintered, hopefully we will get out ok!  We are not sure when it was first visited but clearly not very often.
Abot 15nm form the ned the ice beat us and we found a suitable anchorage in a place called Leicester Bugt.  I had to anchor there but it didn't look much like the real thing!  Off to an anchorage we spotted on the way up that looks like we can get onto the icecap.
Just like Leicester!!

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