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Date: 27 Jul 2018 15:17:42
Title: Scoresby

70:28.9N 21:58.5W
We have had our first casualty of the trip......Just before setting off from Kap Boswell we decided to launch the drone to get some nice pictures of the anchorage we were sat in. A recurring theme with the drone has been that 'It' or more specifically its batteries have struggled with the cold climate. So we have often had to stick them in our pockets to try and warm/wake them up before flying.
This is what happened on the fateful morning. After an hour or so of pocket hugging the battery we were ready to go. The launch went well with the drone soaring out of Giles's hands with the relaxing whine of a mosquito buzzing past your ear in the middle of the night. Just as I had the drone in position about 200m away from the boat and about 50m up I had a message (that will haunt me...has haunted me for a few hours) pop up on the screen "Critically Low Voltage, The Drone will land Automatically"....or something along those lines.
Now after a good 10 seconds of staring at this message while my brain tried to compute that electrical devices and salt water don't mix and what it was trying to do probably wasn't going to be very good for its future prospects of flying, it had started descending alarmingly quickly.
Everything from then was a whirlwind of activity, I still had some control over our suicidal friend and tried flying it back to the boat but it had descended just a little too far and as I brought it in for a very fast landing it flew straight into the top guard wire. Giles made a very bold attempt at going for a catch but I think self preservation took over at the prospect of reaching for 4 high speed rotating propellers with bare hands. With a bounce and a roll it landed in the water (the right way up i might add) and kind of hovered there for a few seconds as the propellers kept going. Giles ran for the dinghy and I thought about jumping in but the 3 degrees water temp made me conclude that I did in fact want to have children one day and I am running dangerously low on underwear. With a splutter the propellers died and that was the last we saw of our Drone.... turns out there is definitely no bouncy in a drone. Mike at this time had come out of the pilot house so all three of us stood to on the side deck, bowed our heads and watched as the bubbles fizzled out to nothing. The one saving grace is we have got some excellent footage with our Drone and it will always be remembered.
So after that little epic and we all had some time to grieve, we cast our lines and set off on the 270nm trip north to Scoresby sound. The first half of the trip was a very pleasant motor in blazing sunshine unfortunately this soon turned to a very thick, damp fog and the wind came straight on the nose which made it really quite chilly. After a long 48 hours of motor sailing we exited the fog and arrived in Scoresby Sound at 7am. A night at anchor, refuel and a stretch of the legs around the second largest settlement on the east coast of Greenland and we have just lifted the anchor to go and explore the largest Fjord System in the world.
P.s Sorry Adam if you read this.....I think i recall Dad saying something similar about a Drone when you told me he offered to buy me an Ipad.

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