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Date: 25 Jul 2018 05:44:31
Title: Boswell Bjerg

68:21.2N 28:14.7W

After a late night planning session we struggled out of bed, after only 8 hours sleep, to try and climb what appears to be the tallest peak in this area, Kap Boswell.  With so many to choose from (we suspect the east coast of Greenland may have more mountains than the rest of the continents combined), this seemed like an obvious choice.

Thanks to yesterday’s skiing adventure, we had seen that snow slopes of varying steepness would lead up most of the way, with just a couple of more technical sections to make our way through.

After Ash and Olly led the uphill charge on snowshoes, while Giles did his best to follow behind on skis, up the initial slopes, we changed to crampons for the first steep section and Ash led through a narrow snow gulley and up a steeper snow field, thus earning his ‘level 2 mountaineering’.

The ground relented for a while and the racing snakes were off again to reach the summit ridge, which we could then scramble along on a mix of snow and rock, with a precipitous view down our right-hand side, reminiscent of Crib Goch back in North Wales.

A pleasingly prominent block of rock crowned the peak and gave us a platform to drink in the spectacular and extensive views of the berg strewn waters surrounding this cape on most sides and, also, inland to a kaleidoscope of pyramidical mountains as far as the eye could see, right in to the ice cap itself.

We stopped back along the ridge for sandwiches of corned beef and drinks of glacier melt-water that we had collected on the way up, further enjoying the views in the calm, sunny, weather where the blues of the polar sea and sky are probably un-matched, even in the Dulux colour chart.

The ski down was a bit quicker than the journey for Olly and Ash on foot, although we generally moved together as a group.  Back at the beach we could almost sunbathe for a few minutes before Rod arrived in the dinghy to pick us up for the passage through the berg-scape to the yacht.

This morning it took us a short while to de-rig the spiders web of anchors and mooring lines keeping us secure in the zawn at the SE point of Kap Boswell and, after snapping a few photos of the boat from the dinghy as she exited the bay past some large icebergs, we are now making our way east along the coast past Kangerdlussuaq towards Scoresby Sound, the largest fjord network in the world.


Olly & Ash on the summit
Heading out of Boswell Bay



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