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Date: 20 Jul 2018 20:58:10
Title: First route

67:01.8N 33:44.3W
Yesterday we made our first proper foray onto the mountains. Giles and Ian stopped on board as we do when we are at anchor to ensure we have no ice or wind issues.  The stay on board crew also do whatever maintenance is required and do a clean up.
I thought our route up the ridge of the mountain above our anchorage looked fairly straightforward but I think rather underestimated it.  In fact it was sustained ridge for a 1000ft with pretty substantial exposure on both sides.  It became a little more difficult as we gained height at which stage Rod & Ash suggested that Olly and I went on tot he top whilst they started descending.  We made the summit after a few roped pitches and found no cairn.  Maybe it was a first ascent or even a new route but it was certainly a classic line.
Today Giles, Olly & Ash have headed off to the other side of the fjord with snowshoes so we will hear about their adventure in the next blog.  We meanwhile have fixed the solar panels, bilge pump and auto pilot.

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