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Date: 19 Jul 2018 23:45:54
Title: Arctic hill walking for beginners

67:01.8N 33:44.3W
Today, we stayed put, with the intention of doing some exploring. Ian, who's under the cosh with a cold, and Giles were on boat duty. Giles had a few tasks, which seemed to involve rubber gloves, adhesives, screws and other stuff. Something about a holding tank full of sewage. Ian, according to his own account was kept busy just helping him.  Before all this, though, Ianferried the other four of us to shore, and we set off up the hill. We climbed up onto a ridge between two branches of the fjord. The first part was rounded and pinkish with a lot of moss and some dwarf heather. Easy going. The weather was warm, the views unbelievable. Once we'd gained a bit of height, we looked down on fjords on both sides, the waters hardly rippled, studded here and there with icebergs of all shapes and sizes. On the far side were two glaciers. One was truly magnificent, winding and alternately flowing and tumbling steeply down to the sea in a fantastical fall of ice. We climbed until the going got tricky, then left Mike and Olly to rope up, do their mountaineering thing and attempt the summit. They got to the first peak with some trouble, but got there, just the same, while Ash and Rod picked their way down over large numbers of tricky boulders, some the size of cars. It was exhausting for all four, and by the time we were ready to call for the taxi back to the boat we were truly tired. Once back to the boat it was cups of tea, bits of cake and then something stronger. Giles did not confine his activities to make and mend: he produced a butternut squash curry, magnificent in both quality and quantity, that was eaten to the last grain of rice. Early to bed, one suspects.

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