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Date: 03 Jul 2018 20:44:25
Title: NW Fjords

66:07:84N 23:31:49W
The trip up from Reykjavik to Patreksfjordur took us via the famous bird cliffs of Latrebjarg.  Although disappointing to start with we soon realised that we were in fact a little too far east despite relying on the various maps and charts. As we sailed west the volume of bird life increase dramatically with puffins, guillemots, fulmars etc. galore. Not the most salubrious of moorings however. Memories of the humpback whale we saw earlier in the voyage made up for this.
From here we continued north to Isfjord. The harbour was pleasant with plenty of room to tie up. The scenery is a geographer's dream with plateau incised deeply by fjords and hanging valleys.
A morning's wander around the town including a visit to a rather esoteric museum was followed by a sail/motor around the fjord of Isfjord looking for more whales. Disappointingly none showed up and we then motor/sailed to the little harbour of Sudureyri at the head of the fjord where we plan to sample the local fish and chips.

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