Monday 14 August

The Adventures of Tin Man
Andy Topp & Steve Arnold
Mon 14 Aug 2023 11:01
Day three. We sheltered in plymouth over night from the storm which we were all pretty happy about. Storm has now passed and we are now about to leave Plymouth to head south, and finally leave the UK. Our next stop should, all being well, be A Coruna in northern Spain where we hope to be by Thursday evening.
Whilst the start has been slow it's been a good ease into the trip and we are now all rested and pretty eager to get out into the open ocean for real.
Keeping an eye on Orcas, wind, weather, sea state - plenty of stuff to keep us occupied.
We are running a three hours on, six hours rotation in pairs which is working pretty well so far. Team A is our SKipper for the trip, Glenn, Team B is Sam and me, and Team C is Andy and Will.