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Date: 01 Oct 2012 23:53:00
Title: Approachng Siracusa

Decided to make landfall Siracusa because it should provide safe hole
wilst forecast gale passes through. F7 off S coast Sicily does not
appeal when forecast to be on the nose. Also. thunderstorms have been
making the seas topsy-turvey for most of yesterday, making life more
difficut in the dark. By 0300 I am hoping to be able to have the hook
well-in ans get some shut-eye. It's been a good passage although
mostly on the donk. Ticketeeboo's been good and no surprises. The
worst thing to happen is hen Sue's wasp trap emptied it's contents
into the cockpit in the dark about an hour ago so I'm walking on a
dead wasp carpet with bare feet now!

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