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Date: 12 May 2018 11:55:21
Title: Ormos Livadhi, Nisos Serifos 37:08.71N 24:31.18E

Seeing we were gonna be blessed with a decent northerly wind today, we were ready for our little 25NM passage, heading mostly south from NE Kithnos towards Livadhi, SE Nisos Serifos. The indicated N F5-6 became 38kn at times accompanied with 4-5m beamy seas between the islands. We're now on hook and as you can see Sue has big smile and is very happy with the experience (and me). Just can't do enough for a good woman and me!
We expect these high winds to reduce overnight so that we can get our RIB in the water, visit a local hostilary or two and replenish food stuff. Last time we were here high winds blew for 3 days and we never got off the yacht so our expectations this time are high.

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