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Date: 12 Jan 2015 18:25:09
Title: Gibraltar can be fun. It's just the unexpected surprises that an cock things up!

Flying here last Friday rates as one of our shortest door-to-door
journeys. Even the aircraft landed early. Like previous time Customs
had to check & recheck my passport. They say a Czechoslovakian geezer
has same number as mine. Maybe he's on their wanted list? At least I
knew to expect it this time. We were ahead of most when we exited
Customs and when a voice we recognised shouted our names, we
unexpectedly met up with Tree, who we know from the Ionian. Tree and
three crew are delivering a yacht to Trinidad (and getting paid for
the privilege too). Couple of days 'liver-testing' before they
departed today. After some mixed communications sail maker/repairer
from Tarifa visited this morning. He seems fine, pressing all the
right buttons so he departed with all three sails, sprayhood and
bimini for 'servicing/repairs'. Fingers crossed he will do quality job
and we can look forward to having pretty sails again.
Time to run engine & generator because it's a month since last
warmed-up. Engine first, started brill and ran in neutral without a
hitch. Into neutral then into gear to give gearbox & prop little life.
Nasty noise, never heard before, click, click, click, click. "What's
this?" me thinks as I leave cockpit to examine below. It's coming from
engine space? Shit, smoke! Engine stopped pronto. Little inspection
soon exposed we have a seized propshaft seal. It's made in USA and is
called a Sureseal. It's not so sure any.more though. It will not
free-off. I called Sheppard's and Bob the fixer duly arrived after
just 10 or 15 minutes. He thinks he might be able to fix it sometime
when he can fit us in. Since then I've had closer look and spoken to
DYL. Looks like we may end up needing a tow, lift-out to remove
not-so-Sureseal and fit new one. Anyway that'll be for another day all
I can do now is plan what needs doing and how to accomplish it. For
now we ain't taking any water because I've plugged-off the trickles.
Just another day in the office. As we are becoming accustomed
to......... two steps forward then one step back!!! So today ain't
gonna be listed as super-day 'cause Sue & me no longer happy with
Sureseal men.


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