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Date: 27 Nov 2013 12:16:34
Title: 23:46.52N/19:15.42W - Sailing at last

We had a night with no wind. Now we have light winds on the port bow, from SE. But the sun shines, whike we are motoring slowly towards our waypoint, set out by Mads in Frivind. 20N 24W. No trfade winds so far, but we hope to find them during the weekend. South of 20N we also expect the temperature to get up from “fleece level” at night. The last map of the sea temperature that we saw in Las Palmas indicated that.
We have baked our first bread. Delicious! Today the project is to start fishing.
Precisly at noon came the wind from SE, and we set sail, and are sailing in 6 kn!

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