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Date: 22 Dec 2014 16:55:00
Title: Marigot Bay

On the 22nd of December we left Rodney Bay to make a quick stop over (1 hour motoring from Rodney Bay) to Marigot Bay on the West Side of St Lucia. Marigot Bay is a beautiful little lagoon very well sheltered from the Atlantic winds. This was our first mooring night. We realised on the spot that we hadn’t marked our anchor chain. You have to know how many meters of anchor chain to release (3-5 times the depth) in order for the anchor to fix. Impossible to know how many meters if you have not marked… We had also bought an alarm to the boat so that we would be woken up if some intruder would visit us in the middle of the night. It worked very well however too well. As soon as the boat itself moved (waves, wind!) the alarm went on, ha, ha…. We used it for 7 min. 

Marigot Bay

Position: 13:57.0N  61:1.0W

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