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Date: 25 Feb 2016 00:22:00
Title: On our way to the next island of Isabela: don't miss Raphaël's carrot cake!

After Santa Cruz we left together with Heidi to visit the next island of Isabela. The sea was totally flat and beautiful. However no wind we took a tranquil day by motor. Then we get a VHF call from our friends on Heidi: “Raphaël has done a carrot cake, do you want some?”…. yeah! 

So now for the procedure of transferring carrot cake from Heidi to Take Off!


Yeah!! We got it!! 


After a while came the next VHF call: “We’ve got a tuna! Do you want some?” Yeah….!!! So we turned around once again. They had just caught a huge yellow fined tuna and having no place in their freezer they gave it to us!


So after the yummie carrot cake we got a tuna on deck ;-). We are now going to follow them wherever we are!

Arriving on Isabela.

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