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Nigel / Beryl
Sat 3 Mar 2018 15:43
So, the house is up for rent, all of our stuff is either getting packed / given / thrown away, the dream is about to become reality (let’s hope it’s not a nightmare!).

At the end of March, we will drive to France and ski with family and friends, then drive to Spain to ready “Dream On” for our Mediterranean adventure!

We plan to visit the Balearic Islands, Porquerolles, Corsica, Sardinia, the Aeolian Islands, and finally arrive in Sicily around October / November and winter there. But it’s a very loose plan, let’s see which way the mood (or the wind) takes us?

We will be back in the UK briefly at the end of April, but fly back to “cast off the lines” in the first week of May.

So that’s the plan, and we’ve set up this blog to let you see how we are doing, and so you know where we are if you want to join us for a mile or two?

We’ll do our best to keep it updated and look forward to your comments, suggestions, grammatical corrections or just smilie faces so we know you are watching. 😎

Nigel Davison 
SY Dream On