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Date: 28 Jun 2015 20:50:37
Title: Pacific Puddle Jump and Moorea

Dear Family and Friends,

Here are the last of the PPJ and some from our own exploration of Moorea.

Traditional dance team

Wonderful display by a really professional team.

On our long walk through the pineapple plantations, the caldera walls in the distance. Among the plants and animals brought to these islands by Captain Cook, the pineapple has become a major crop here. 

Pineapples. There are small shoots at the base of the plant which will grow into new plants, these are separated and rooted while the fruited plant is discarded.

View of Opunohu Bay from Belvedere View point, Moorea

View of Cook’s Bay, we are anchored somewhere down there.

Yet more to come!

All our best,

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