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Date: 27 May 2012 12:20:00
Title: Last leg..

50.09.783N 003.45.711W
Last leg, now the wind is right on the nose. Quite a bit of cargo traffic to avoid, as always heading right for us on our track – how does that happen?! Patches of fog lasting about 10 mins then brighter sky, but overcast, lots of rolling swell. Shame to be motor sailing in order to make some headway and get into port at a decent time and on the high tide. At least we have the confidence to do our night time watch keeping and we have had quite a bit of practice having to gybe (initially) and now tack to avoid ships and lobster pots and to keep the boat sailing in the very light winds – mostly less than 10kn through the night. The map above is not  true representation of our route it just joins the dots of when we make a posting...the track was a lot more crooked than the map showsSmile

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