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Date: 14 Dec 2015 20:44:23
Title: 9th December 22nd Day at Sea - Arrival

14.28.06N 60.51.95W

16:20 -  9 Dec 2015

Total distance run:    3109 miles

As the exotic profile of Martinique began to take form on the horizon the crew could hardly contain their excitement. The pleasures of distant port and the relief of a good nights sleep brought smiles to every face. I had always imagined we would approach landfall with the red white and blue of the cruising chute flying proudly - strangely, French and British colours of course. Unfortunately for us the chute was in a figure of 8 twist around the genoa and looked quite pitiful. Spock was at the helm as we turned into the beautiful bay at Le Marin. I could see the steely determination on his face - there was no way he would suffer the ignominy of entering the harbour with the sail twisted as it was. We slowed, and Spock carried out 8 or 10 slow turns - each time coaxing the chute round on itself and then between the genoa and the mast. As we got almost to the end of the process, a speed boat with Pascal, from Cornell Sailing, approached. Pascal took some pictures of our predicament - and then, with the speedboat paralleling our course - Pascal showed his pirate ancestry by deftly boarding Enterprise, to help with getting the massive sail tied down on deck. 

We were directed to a stern-to mooring with the crew from Walden and Sif waiting on the pontoon to take our lines and applaud our arrival - really very touching. I turned to shout orders at the crew but to my surprise - only Pete was there! No Chef; no Grandad; no Spock; No Clive from accounts.... I turned back and could see a nurse in glorious white handing me a tablet and a glass of water ...and as I sat up in bed - I croaked  - in utter confusion and amazement - but, but where is the sea.... I crossed the Atlantic.. "Now, now Mr Altendorff, just take your tablet and don't upset yourself - my,my  - what an imagination you have"....

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