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Date: 07 Dec 2015 12:27:27
Title: 7th December 20th Day at sea

17.37.88N 055.53.78W

12:00 -  7 Dec 2015

Distance run today: 142 miles
Total distance run:    2752 miles
Distance to go       :   342 miles

Apologies to everyone for the emotional outburst in yesterday's posting. Normal discipline has been restored.

Of course, my compliments of yesterday went to Grandad's head and he started strutting about giving orders as if he had been promoted from bucket and mop boy. After High Tea - the usual 3 Jacob's Crackers (butter withheld); 3 teaspoon sized servings of Chevre; and 3 olives - he was sent packing to sleep off any ideas of grandeur in the guitar case.

The crew are starting to mutter about what they will do with their pay when they get ashore. I may have yet one more disappointment in store for them.

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