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Date: 06 Dec 2015 14:04:26
Title: 6th December 19th Day at sea

18.53.19N 054.00.65 W

13:48 -  06 Dec 2015

Distance run today: 129 miles
Total distance run:    2609 miles
Distance to go       :   483 miles

Just  had a night we do not want to repeat. I thought I would just sound a serious note.

The battery bank finally collapsed about 6am - it was Pete's watch. He battled on with no instruments and very little power, helming manually for a while before waking me. We had to address the task of isolating the rogue battery. Pete helmed in very heavy seas and high winds, while I lay spread eagled over the aft cabin floor trying to access the battery terminals through a hatch. Anyway, we managed to isolate the rogue and we believe we are back in business now. Gradually testing various systems and getting the remaining batteries charged using the engine.

So this is a tribute to my good friend Pete. I cant thank Pete enough for his electrical knowledge and seamanship.

What we both need is a damn good curry - and guess what...?

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