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Date: 05 Dec 2015 12:29:30
Title: 5th December 18th Day at sea

18.45.08N 051.15.98W
12:00 -  05 Dec 2015

Distance run today: 133 miles
Total distance run:    2447 miles
Distance to go       :   612 miles

I think I have finally subdued any thoughts of mutiny. Using the old technique of creating a common enemy to bind the nation together (topical reference ..). The prospect of losing all new fangled electrical gadgets on board including the trusty autohelm (did I say trusty!) has bound us all as one to fight the common curse. As with the real world "It is all about Power" (Another topical reference ... I cant help myself today ).

I had the scum put out full sail, and we are now bowling along, almost in the right direction even. They have each been given a copy of Practical Boat Owner and a box of crayons, so that should keep them occupied until Chef brings out what is laughingly called lunch.

I can now get on with my reading... "The Golden Books Family Treasury of Poetry", very calming considering what I have to contend with.

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