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Date: 04 Dec 2015 12:24:31
Title: 4th December 17th Day at sea

18.54.38N 048.49.66W
12:00 -  04 Dec 2015

Distance run today: 134 miles
Total distance run:    2219 miles
Distance to go       :   745 miles

There's nothing like some technical problems to distract the mutinous reprobates. Having given each of them a task, and with Spock fully focused on trying to remember his O-level electronics we are all busy. The threat of me rationing out the wet wipes seems to have provided the appropriate motivation to solve our electricity problems.

Goodness knows what Chef is up to - I saw him with a can opener in his hand, talking to himself, just like he used to when he was a star on the Muppets.

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