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Date: 03 Dec 2015 12:48:10
Title: 3rd December 16th Day at sea

18.06.11N 046.09.06W

12:00 -  03 Dec 2015

Distance run today: 144 miles
Total distance run:    2134 miles
Distance to go       :   879 miles

Mutterings continue from below decks. Now the whole crew Grandad, 1st Mate, Chef, even Spock are conspiring - and dont think I dont know what they call me behind my back! The latest complaint - brought to me by Chief Scientific Officer, Spock, is that they object to the turning back of the clock. This they feel was a violation of the time and motion agreement that the Pirates Union had established in 1491. I cant seem to get it through their scurrilous, worm eaten, malodorous, scurvy ridden heads that they have gained an hour not lost it. They are acting as if I had dipped my hand into their silk purses and stolen their sow's ear.

I have to be vigilant. i will pay particular attention to the unlabelled bag just extracted from the freezer by Chef. I don't trust him and I am beginning to think he lied on his application when he claimed to have been trained at the best 5 mango restaurants in Goa.

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