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Date: 02 Dec 2015 12:49:07
Title: 2nd December 15th Day at sea

17.23.61N 043.27.35W
12:00 -  02 Dec 2015

Distance run today: 158 miles
Total distance run:    1977 miles
Distance to go       :   1023 miles

Today is Ibuprofen day. The aches, and bruises are making themselves felt. I didn't anticipate that you get so bashed up doing this Atlantic lark. Even when I was working on the foredeck, everywhere I knelt was a rope or some metal clip or something - my poor knees. Spock is now advising we go to warp factor one by putting the chute up again. This, after we practiced the routine of launching the chute and retrieving it twice yesterday - we almost got it to go smoothly on the second attempt. I think a VMG of 6kts is fine and controllable regardless of how high the wind speed goers today. Captain's perogative to overrule his crew.

A 75ft catamaran appeared on our AIS yesterday . Obviously going very fast. I think they may be from the other Atlantic rally called the ARC. they are not in our rally anyway. Otherwise no sightings of any boats; dolphins; whales; birds; nothing - just sea; sky and wind ( I mean outside the boat).

Chef informs me that the menu will be truly special today. He has searched through all his family recipes; gone through all the spices on board; consulted his iPad and he has come up with Beef Vindaloo. I am hopeful that the last consonant is not a prophecy.

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