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Date: 01 Dec 2015 12:09:49
Title: 1st December 14th Day at sea

19.02.59N 042.20.56W
12:00 -  01 Dec 2015

Distance run today: 148 miles
Total distance run:    1819 miles
Distance to go       :   1148 miles

Excellent run with cruising chute billowing ahead of us. Very light winds and smooth, smooth sea. Another grand starlit night with Mars, and Jupiter and the other one - you know every schoolboy's pet planetary joke - all clearly visible. After the Moon rose, the stars went out, but the planets kept on shining.

Our abiding technical problem is the dilithium crystals. Spock knows what to do thankfully - but the time it woulld take to trouble shoot 6 batteries - while all systems are off is a concern. We have decided to carry on with the charging regime and see if we can last it out to Martinique. We have enough diesel to run the generator. So long as it doesnt get worse.

Meanwhile, the chef informs me that today's meal will be, er, Lamb Stew... no mention of piquant .... I don't know if I have enough "blue medicine" to counteract the onslaught.

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