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Date: 30 Nov 2015 14:48:55
Title: 30th November 13th Day at sea

20.40.42N 039.19.14W
12:00 -  30 Nov 2015

Distance run today: 120 miles
Total distance run:    1678 miles
Distance to go       :   1286 miles

Today, like two Grinches, we decided to put the crusing chute up. We had had enough of our lolling around. The sea is smooth and blue, its 30 degrees a few fluffy clouds drift lazily across the sky, what could go wrong.

We manhandled the sail from where it slumbered in the saloon, into Pete's cabin forward. I went up on deck opened the hatch and we got ready for the task ahead - and then - the autopilot crashed. We raced back to the cockpit - Pete took over the helm, while i went to investigate.

After digging out my bed - turning the whole cabin upside down removing the access panel and the rudder sensor again - seeing that there was no sign of anything wrong whatsoever. I started to replace everything and re boot everything - it all worked - took 1 hr - in 30 deg of heat.

Then, straight out for c/chute - there is a video ! - The sail was all upside down /  inside out - of course it was. But we managed in the end. It is now flying - 1.5hrs set up !

But, its a beauty oh yes !! like a gigantic Union Flag - doing 75% of apparent wind speed so 6kts out of 9kts etc.... we are back in the "its not a race" race.

Still worrying about electricity - battery pack not working correctly - but we can afford 8 hrs of generator per day in terms of diesel, so lets see...

Went to send & receive emails and get Cornell weather reports etc... Iridium sat phone wouldn't work - 1hr to fix....

Knackered...going to have a hot shower...

Then, Rogan Josh - yippee

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