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Date: 28 Nov 2015 12:29:25
Title: 28th November 11th Day at sea

Date: 28 Nov
UTC: 1200

20.38.08N 035.93.16W

Distance run today: 149 miles
Total distance run:    1419 miles
Distance to go       :   1510 miles

I should have known. The 1st mate and master tactician is getting his inspiration from reading Paul Heiney's "Last Man Across" - an account of how he came last in a single handed transatlantic race. While the skipper is reading "In the Heart of the Sea" by Nathaniel Philbrick a story of endurance and bravery in the savage sea. It will come as no surprise gentle reader when I tell you that Grandad was on watch when the autohelm decided to stop for a nap. Having leapt out of my skipper's hammock to restore order to the electronics ( CTRl-ALT-DEL) - I find that master mariner has taken the boat on a full great circle route, wrapping my prize tuna line and lure around the rudder. The line that has seen so much action from Porto to Lanzerotte. The line that may mean the difference between curry and sushimi for the next two weeks. Oh, the crew can be so cruel.

This, on top of Grandad waking me early, when my off-watch wasn't yet over. He was confused again by the simple notion of  timezones. I even wrote out a little aide memoire for him to be able to calculate the difference from ship's time or GEC, subract two H-ours, to get local time or HAC. This, as you can easily spot provides the handy mnemonic "G"o to "H"ell in a "H" "C"art.

I am informed by the galley that today's meal will be Beauf au Ble avec Pommes de Terre, Harico blanc, et Poivrones rouge avec les Epices.
(I have a nasty suspicion this is Corned Beef Hash.. he has done this before...)

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